Best beaches in Karpathos

You have decided to visit Karpathos this summer and you want to know all about its beaches. Karpathos, the second largest island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes, has 160 kilometers coastline. First of all there are organized beaches with umbrellas and sunbeds and not organized beaches, to relax and enjoy the Greek sun and sea. On the west the beaches have sand and on the east pebbles.

But let’s see some of the most famous beach in detail.

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  • Apella. The most popular beach of the island, which is listed among the top beaches in Greece. High mountains, steep cliffs, giant rocks, crystal clear turquoise sea and pine trees that reach out to the white sand at many points compose a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty. Apella beach has been voted twice as the best European Beach. Access to the beach is either by sea with boats or through a road. Part of the beach is organized, while a few meters above the coast there is a tavern. If you still want natural shade, you can find it under the pine trees at the top of the beach. The seabed is impressive and due to the clear water, there are numerus sea life. That makes it suitable for diving. Caution: The water deepens steeply, so be careful if you have young children or you don’t know how to swim well.
  • Kira Panagia. Located on the north-east side of the island. It is the most photographed sandy beach. There are pine trees that reach down to the sandy beach. This beach has a little church dedicated to Virgin Mary on the one upper side. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. Above the beach there are taverns, restaurants and cafes.
  • Mikri (Little) and Megali (Large) Amoopi. Two beaches, side by side, that are sheltered from the winds and have shallow, warm waters. They are the favorite beaches for families with young children. You can find nearby taverns and restaurants. In Megali Amoopi, apart from umbrellas and sunbeds, there is also a water sports center. There are frequent bus routes to the beach from Pigadia.
  • Afoti. It is a sandy beach next to Pigadia. There are bars and taverns where you can enjoy drinks and traditional food. On this beach you can also visit the ruins of the early Christian Basilica of Agia Fotini.
  • Agios Theodoros (Saint Theodor). Located in the area of Arkassa, very close to Afiarti. A small organized beach with small pebbles. The crystal-clear waters are full of fish so it is ideal for snorkeling and fishing. It has a large parking area, next to which there is a restaurant and a small picturesque chapel.
  • Agios Nikolaos Arkasas (Saint Nikolas Arkasas). With golden sand and turquoise waters it is considered the best beach for bodysurfing due to the winds that usually blow in the area and the sea waves. On some days, with clear sky, you can see Kasos Island from there.
  • Agios Nikolaos Spoa (Saint Nikolas Spoa). There are actually two small pebbly beaches separated by a few rocks, but joined by a path. Apart from the sunbeds and umbrellas, there are showers and a changing room. Above the first beach there are some fish taverns, while above the second beach there is a refreshment canteen.
  • Diakoftis. With white sand and turquoise shallow waters, ideal for families. A strip of sand, rocks and cedars separates the beach in two parts. The access is difficult through a soil road. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and is quite popular.
  • Ahata. A small beach in a cove, combines sand and pebbles with crystal clear, emerald green waters that deepen steeply. Several caves around offer great opportunity for snorkeling and exploring as well. Part of the beach is organized and there is a tavern but in the wider area there is no other kind of tourist infrastructure. If you want to avoid driving, there are tourist boats that visit the beach starting from Pigadia.
  • Lefkos. It’s covered with fine sand. The smooth entrance to the water makes it ideal for families with children. There are many taverns, restaurants, cafes and in the village of Kato Lefkos you can also find small grocery stores.
  • Potali. A large beach with pebbles and deep waters with plenty of waves.
  • Foiniki. It is a small sandy beach with crystal clear waters and some trees. Its waters are shallow and calm and above the beach there are fish taverns.
  • Christou Pigadi. You can find it on the road from Pigadia to the airport. It consists of fine pebbles and there is a natural spring that flows into the sea and makes the water much cooler.
  • Damatria. A big beach, with big white pebbles and shallow clear water. There are few umbrellas and sunbeds but no dining facilities.
  • Mihaliou Kipos. In a small picturesque bay in the area of Afiartis, with impressive rock formations and sea caves. With a few umbrellas and sunbeds while nearby there is also a snack bar.
  • Agios (Saint) Minas. On the way to Olympos, you can find the beach of Agios Minas. The access is quite difficult by road and easier by boat. Nearby there are two taverns that cover the basic needs for food.
  • Vananda. A quiet beach, with pebbles while in the sea there are stones. There are some trees that provide shade.
  • Agrilaopotamos. The ideal small sandy beach for windsurf and kitesurf, with view of neighboring Kasos Island. It usually has strong winds which make swimming difficult. If you choose to swim there the waters are crystal clear and deepen smoothly and the seabed is sandy with pebbles in some places.
  • Psorari. One of the most quiet and deserted beaches, next to Diakoftis.
  • Palatia Sarias (Saria islet). You can go with a tourist boat from Diafani. Although it is a protected area (European Ecological Network NATURA 2000), you can visit Saria and swim to its blue crystal sea.
  • Prasonisi. These are actually two small beaches located opposite the homonymous island. The sea is shallow and the waters are clear, while the sand on the beach is mixed with large pebbles and stones.
  • Papa Minas. Also called Thalassodentra or Thalassopounda. It is next to Diafani. With dark sand and trees that reach the sea.

This is the second largest island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes, a picturesque island, faithful to its traditions, full of peculiarities and rich in sightseeing. Read our article about Karpathos Sightseeing.

Whichever beach you choose, one thing is certain. Karpathos is a unique place with organized and virgin beaches with turquoise waters and magnificent sunsets.

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